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LessChurn offers your app users detours to prevent them from cancelling, while collecting feedback from those who do.

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Why are people cancelling? You have no idea...

Without feedback, you’re in the dark trying to prevent tomorrow’s signup from churning.


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Collect insights and watch churn tank!

We’ve saved over 4200 users $756,000 and here’s what else...


Connect users likely to cancel with a dedicated support representative


Learn what features your users demand most


Find out which competitors are stealing your customers


Notify cancelled users when a new feature they wanted is ready


Know who to contact when you’re doing your next discount promotion.


Offer users who didn’t have enough time a trial extension and a demo

LessChurn has saved me thousands of dollars, and gives me detailed insights into what my subscribers want.

Dave Schneider - CoFounder of NinjaOutreach

Increase revenue by reducing
churn while tracking exit feedback.

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