Save Customers, Track Feedback

Your customer may like your app, but some of them delete their accounts because

LessChurn gives you one last chance to save your customer. In addition, we offer valuable insight into why people are leaving, where are they going, who's in jeopardy of leaving, and much more.

Integrations Save You Time

We handle all the integration code for Stripe. Less code for you to write and worry about.

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Detours Save Customers

Once you've authenticated Stripe or Braintree, you can build detours, which are helpful options for your customers. All detours are customizable/removable, but here are a few prebuilt ones and the purpose behind them. Also view our detour gallery to see these detours in action.

Customizable Detour Reason This Works
"Pause my billing" Your customer can pause their billing for a few months or until a specified date, then LessChurn will automatically start them up again.
"Extend my trial" If your customer is still in their trial period we can extend it automatically.
"Give me a discount" We can apply a discount to their account. It's better than losing them.
"Downgrade my account" We can automatically put them on a cheaper account.
"I want to talk to the founder" Much better than talking to support, right? This clever bit of psychology gives them the feeling that their problem will be addressed at the highest level. Wouldn't you rather talk to them than lose them?

Customers Who Almost Deleted

Since you’re embedding our iFrame of detours into your app, we know when customers load the iFrame and we can alert you. We call these people "customers in jeopardy" because they’ve probably thought about deleting their account.

Reports, Stats and Insights

View statistics on who is deleting their account and who is being saved. See when users delete their accounts, what feedback they left, what detour they picked, etc. Features graph


Double your money back guarantee That's right! If you don't save any customers during your first full month using LessChurn, we'll refund twice your first month's fees.
Pair programming integration in your app Yes, we will pair program with your developer to help get LessChurn into your app and up and running in about an hour.
Detours can: Apply discounts, extend trials, send support emails, redirect to help files, pause billing, downgrade plans, cancel subscriptions, delete accounts, and anything you can dream up via webhooks.
Pay your price, your way. You can pay by the month, pay by the save, a combination of both, and name your own price for either!
White labeled You don't have to show "LessChurn" anywhere on your site. Or you can show LessChurn some love by letting the badge show so your customers might try LessChurn for their own businesses.
Integrates Stripe or Braintree Do you use something else? Let us know!
See customers that are in jeopardy We will show you a list of customers who are thinking of leaving you.
Unlimited Number of Detours Only need two? Need 20, we've got you covered.
Send an email anytime the delete my account screen is viewed You can automatically send an email to anyone that views the "Delete My Account" screen. We suggest a "Just Checking in" email.
Live and Test mode Just like Stripe, we have full Live and Test environment.
Detailed Statistics Why are people quitting, when are they quitting?
Webhooks We can send you a webhook for every detour so you can do something on your end.
Put HTML in your detours You can add images or videos to your detours. Putting a picture in the detour can have a powerful emotional impact.
Monthly Skype with Allan or Steve Once a month you can have a one-on-one call to talk about churn, problems in your business, relationship advice, and whatever you to talk about.
Typekit We support Typekit so the detours match your font.
Custom CSS You can add your own CSS to the detours form so it matches your site exactly.
More features coming all the time. We're dedicated to reducing your churn, and we're constantly dreaming up new ways to help you keep customers.
Start reducing churn. Setup takes less than one hour. Sign up now