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Frequently Asked Questions

What are saves? Detours?

By “save”, we mean retaining every customer that wanted to cancel their account, but were saved due to the LessChurn form. Whichever option they choose, once they decide to stay with you instead of leaving, that’s considered a save.

Detours are the various options that a user can select instead of cancelling on the churn form, such as "Extend my trial" or "Get a discount". The detours that are available depend on the plan you select and the highest plans allow for all possible detours.

The free plan allows you 2 custom detour options, the Growth plan has 4 and the Enterprise version has unlimited number of detours. Remember that a user can select a detour, but later on still go back and cancel.

Can I use LessChurn for free?

Yes you can, just select the free plan above, but please note the limitations on saves and detours i.e in order to open up maximum value of the churn form you'll need a paid plan.

What happens if I exceed my saves?

If you reach 10 saves on a Free plan, you can always upgrade to Business plan. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save more customers until the end of that particular month.

If you’re on a Business plan already, we’d like you to experience the full power of LessChurn. Still, we don’t want you to feel stressed seeing how your saves limit hits the mark. That’s why we created a buffer/bumper of 10 saves above your limit.

Once you reach 20 saves, you will still have an opportunity to reduce churn and save up to 30 customers before you’re upgraded to the next plan. So, sit back and let us save your revenue from the Churn Monster.

Can I have more detours?

Our pricing plans also differ by the number of detour options you can choose. The free plan allows you 2 custom detour options that you can offer your customers.

On a Growth plan, you have 4 custom detour options your clients can choose from.

With the Enterprise plan, you can enjoy world domination unlimited number of options.